Shady Shaders Project

General tech art/shader development

Case studies and tutorials

Not today, Satan

[LDJam-43] Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.

Horror platformer, with much blood and demons

Day 3

[LDJam-42] Protect yourself from the Crop Pooper

A Strategy fast paced game about planting, management and hide and seek.

Ultimate Harvest Day

[LDJam-42] Explode all the veggies

A FPS fast paced game about exploding vegetables and having fun with vegetable bodies.

Design Variables

An asset to help game designers and developers organizing variables

Design Variables is an easy to use centralized design editor. It is a window where you can see and edit all your design variables from all prefabs, scriptable objects and even scriptable objects within scriptable objects.

Grass Shader

AAA quality grass system

AAA quality grass system with amazing performance.