A little bit slower this week. More focus on getting stuff right than getting stuff done. We improved and changed some important netcode regarding moving objects (again), and did more work on the new 'chute' map.

Netcode Mayhem

Lucas M Carvalhaes, Marcelo Ruberto Jr. | We did it again

Last week we said we fixed an important behaviour concerning player movement and dynamic objects. Well, we weren't happy with it.

What happened was that we had improved the way players interact with objects that cause desync between the client player state and the server. That was hard to do and had to account with the fact that most of the dynamic, moving objects, are seen in the past. This is because of the approach that we have to delay every object so that we can interpolate the movement to look smooth

But as we said, it wasn't enough. This week we decided to scrap that for the most important objects and try another aproach. Instead of waiting for the server messages to interpolate the objects, we acctually let the object move in the client and use the server positions merely to correct the object position desync slowly. This approach yielded a perfect client interaction with movable objects. Not only the objects simulate properly but also there is no lag in the movement.

vs_chute 2

Thomaz Nardelli | vs_chute is now playable!

It lacks props and some textures but while they are being worked on, I'm going to get the new map done!