Robot League is receiving a LOT of dev love. We are focusing on rapid prototyping of our new gamemodes to release a beta ASAP. ;)

This week we focused on testing and creating robot league assets. We added two new test maps, new gamemode code and some new models. We spent half the week implementing and half play testing fixing bugs.

Robot League

Lucas M Carvalhaes, Marcelo Ruberto Jr. | GM League development

Not so WIP anymore! Robot league will release in time to catch beta <3. We worked hard to solve player movement, add new scoring systems and team systems. We fixed many bugs regarding damage and the many movement mechanichs we have... and finally we can say we have a playable demo.

Robot league is our interpretation of a robot sport. It is based on football, volley and Rocket League Golf. In it, players spawn in teams and face each other to see who scores the most goals. Every round a giant ball spawns, to score a goal players in each team must try to send it inside the other team goal zone.

[amazing dev art included in this section]



Thomaz Nardelli

This week I rushed the Dock, a footballesque map, for our closed test.

Next I'm going to make some sweet models!