We implemented a Team Deathmatch gamemode, a new map for deathmatch, and focused on finishing more of the rl_dock art.

Because we will start a round of alpha tests we are focusing heavily on fixing bugs. This week we have fixed many gameplay issues regarding player forces, movement predicatbilty, improvements for air control and air resistance. We exposed more variables for the console and worked on better sync for hook visuals.

Hook and the new dynamic object protocol

Marcelo Ruberto Jr. | We fixed it!

We fixed a weird behaviour caused by the change on how things move on clients. Its a shame, the hook was so much funnier before. You could aim at something and hit something else, or even hit something and get nothing in return, which used to add an element of surprise to this mechanic. But now things are almost working as one would expect.


Player flight prediction for force volumes and smart spawner control

Lucas M Carvalhaes | ZazBoxes

Our amazing artist surprised everyone with a new map this week. It is a map based on beeing thrown around and exploding friends. The idea is to make a tribute to Quake while implementing a new gameplay style for our game. From that dm_robochet was born. This is a test map that will probably roll out to alpha to see whether players like this kind of thing.

Since this map requires players to be thrown around somewhat precisely, what I did was to improve on our player pusher script to add prediction. In the pictures you can see two lines, a blue one and a green one. The green one is the predicted path for each launcher and the blue one is the actual path a player did while testing this.

Also for this game style I added a way to control a spawner to only spawn if a certain area is clear of objects. This provides the gun spawn functionality but whithin our crazy universe.



Thomaz Nardelli | (title not final)

While we were all on a rush to make a new map before our self imposed deadline, I decided to make something with what we already had. That's how robochet was born, a mix of a low paced quake 3 arena and the best valve game ever released, ricochet!

Turns out that we ended up coding stuff for it, but luckly it wasn't a lot! The map turned out way better than I've expected and we got all the gameplay stuff done while in the blocking phase, such an awesome experience!